Friday, February 27, 2015

The Drifter Challenge

The Drifter Challenge....coming soon...

So for's the background on the challenge
I have been developing this challenge for the past few months.....many hours of game play as well as play testers have gotten it ready for launch!!  I stumbled upon the idea for this when the novelty of having a new game wore off and I started pining for more content....but a trip back to earlier versions of the game left me unsatisfied.  I had browsed other Sims4 challenges, & many of them sounded fun....but non had exactly what I was looking for.  I originally set up a challenge for myself to just spice up the game and experience as much of Sims4 that I could....from gaining skills, career advancing and building houses and community lots.  I was so excited about the challenge I was making for myself and shared it with my husband.  He's never been much into my Simming addiction...but this whole idea got his wheels turning and we started brainstorming ideas.  One thing led to another and before long he had his own copy of the Sims4 just so he could try the challenge as well.  The idea continued to snowball when I told a couple friends what I was up to.  Now, I feel pretty confident that I have a good challenge to unleash on the Sim Community!

So what is the Drifter Challenge exactly?!

Is it a building challenge?! Kind of...

Is it a legacy challenge?! Kind of...

Is it a short or long challenge?! could be either!

It's a series of (what will b) 24 house mini-challenges within a main whole challenge itself! 

Rebuild Willow Creek & Oasis Springs from the ground up! Follow your Sims through the generations as u progress from house to house! Complete goals along the way! Use it as a stand alone challenge or a way to enhance your already established game saves!

Whether u choose to play the entire Drifter Challenge from House 001 through the end which will be House 024 (Feb 2017) or choose to play a house mini-challenge to just enhance your game play....The Drifter Challenge is sure to entertain u for hours to come!

But don't just take MY word for it! 

I will be adding written rules as well as (hopefully) YouTube Let's Play videos which you can access via

The Sims Forums
as well as links here as the mini-challenges are released!

Stay tuned for the rules of The Drifter Challenge as well as instructions for the 1st house in this challenge!!    ~Vihisha

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